Brainstorming + Huzzah


1.- Lock Door Alarm: Inspired by my roommates, who never close or lock the door when they come home. The idea is to build an alarm that would turn a light when the door is unlocked and send either an email or ideally lock their phones until they close and lock the door. (I have no idea how you would do the second one)

2.- Lazy-eye patch timer: My niece has a lazy eye and has to wear a patch for an hour each day. She allways forgets to either time it or wear it. The idea is to have a button, and once she presses it the timer would start, the button would the release a patch and a card to play a sort of Tetris – lego game that I can remember what is called. The game helps improve her 3D vision and keep her mind of the fact that she is wearing a patch. once the timer is of she should have finished the game.

3. Plant nanny: I recently bought a plant, because I missed having a garden, the problem is I always neglect my plants. The idea is to have a light, and a reminder sent throughout the day to help me of either water it, take it to het some sun or talk to it.