The Shooting ArteFact

So far, there have been more than 14,344. deaths caused by gun violence in USA in 2017.
The Shooting ArteFact is a speculative design project that seeks to raise awareness around this problem. Every time a person is declared dead on, Shooting ArteFact will play a sound and flash the screen. The number of deaths are also displayed on the artefact. The Shooting Artefact can be placed in public spaces in order to increase its impact, or in busy private spaces such as a lobby or an elevator.


Doing this was very emotional and interesting, since my small successes in making it alert when someone died also meant that a person in america had died from a gunshot. I was therefore shocked and covered in goosebumps through out a big part of my process. I know that it is a very sensitive topic and that the shape, form, output, ethics etc. easily can offend people. Therefore, I chose a rather neutral but dark and intersting form: the black box.

When it comes to code, I have also learned a lot from doing this project. It was very frustrating and stressing at times, but then Becky was very kind helping me.
Unfortunately, I am having issues triggering the speaker. Hopefully, the Instructables community will help me on that. Another future action would be to bring it out to a public location. This could be taking it to Washington DC or to a parlament building here in NYC.

Becky, thank you for your help and support. Also, thank you to all you awesome classmates for being supportive and tolerating all the white noise at the studio.
Please find my tutorial here.
My video here.

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