Ice Cream Night Light 2.0


Have you ever turned all of your lights off to then realize you have to get up again, but you’re in the dark, you can’t see anything and you can’t find where the light switch is? The Ice Cream Night Light is a portable light that lights up when you pick it up, solving the problem of fumbling to find the light switch or having to turn on your way too bright bedside table light. Once you pick up the ice cream cone out of it’s stand, the light is triggered on and you can carry it along whatever journey you’re going on. A trip to the kitchen for that late night snack, or maybe to the bathroom. The Ice Cream Light will guide you there. If you love the way the light looks in the stand and prefer that that be your table side light it can also function as a less bright, all night, night light.

The Ice Cream Night Light is a great way to get kids to brush their teeth, making the journey to the bathroom more exciting, and also acting as a constant reminder to brush their teeth before they get into bed. If you’re someone who loves ice cream, or want a flashlight/night light that doesn’t look like a boring night light, the Ice Cream Night Light is also for you!


Interested in making one yourself? Check out the Instructable Tutorial on how to make your own.