Redefining Task Zero

Task Zero was originally about materialising a person’s digital task list, showing only one task per day. This helps he/she does his/her tasks more efficiently. But hold on…

Living in the society that values high efficiency and stresses success, one may tend to forget there is life beside work.

Task Zero, now, is about the task before the first. Task 0: Treasure your personal life.

Don’t put off those tasks that cultivate your soul. It’s not about booking a flight, it’s about going home. It’s not about getting the groceries, it’s about cooking it for someone.

With this desktop device, I hope to convey to those getting swept away by a fast-paced work life that: the things that might make you smile are those important, not urgent and seemingly mundane tasks.

urgemt diagram-01.png

Introducing Task Zero


Please find here my Instructables Tutorial!

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