Hello from Hui.

Hi guys. Hope you enjoy the first class! (Sorry can’t find a photo of me since I don’t really like take photos.)

I’m Hui and I’m from Hangzhou, China. I am a product designer and have tried to make something in different disciplines like furniture and installations. You may find something that I participated in Shanghai but in most time, I am just a student.

It’s really, errr, excited to know that I have to work with Arduino in the class, again. Last time when I spend some time with it was a painful period for me because, of course, I was really not a talented coder. But on the other hand, that was also a joyful period for me, because there are so many ways that you can create cool stuffs with it and at the end of the project it was really exciting to admire what you have done with it!

Author: Hui Zheng

From China. Product designer.

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