D-Link Router Teardown

I teared down a D-Link Router, and here is what I found:

Frame was attached together with two screws that were hidden in the bottom and behind two plastic covers. I broke the antenna and there was a wire inside it. There was a boardband inside the case which has these components:

  • LAN and WAN ports which we can see from the outside and that’s where we plug it in. There was also a tiny switch that was the reset button. They were attached to the board and I couldn’t separate them.
  • Three Isolation transformers. I found out that they are used to transfer the electrical power from the source to the device in a way that protect us from electrical shock.
  • There are multiple elements that are responsible for power supply.
  • Chip AR7240 which is a Network Processor
  • Chip A3560ETP Which is a SDRAM

*Figure 4 and 5 were under a metal cover.

IMG_4472 copy


  • Chip AR9285 which is a wireless adapter and it’s under a metal cover
  • ON/OFF switch which is next to a LED
  • 7 activity LEDs

IMG_4491 copy

What I found Interesting:

LAN and WAN ports were attached to the board by two plastic parts that were very small but the way they were designed made the ports very secure on the board.

Also, it was interesting how the actual switch was very small and simple but had a more complicated or more aesthetic figure on the exterior.

The whole exterior looked like it was made from three parts, I think they designed it like this to make it look less boxy, but it was actually only two piece that were attached together by screws and ridges that went together like a puzzle.