Rice Cooker Teardown


I bought a rice cooker from the thrift store. And this is a brief introduction:


A Glass Lid (Lost)
B Inner Pot
C Heating Body
D Panel
E Cook Switch

This rice cooker is very easy to use. Just connect the plug into a outlet and switch the rice cooker ON. It will start cooking and the cook light will illuminate. After cooking, the rice cooker will keep warm automatically and the keep warm light will illuminate.

Teardown steps


Step 1 Remove the Bottom Plate
1.1 Remove the spanning screw
1.2 Remove the rubber cushions
1.3 Unscrew the legs
1.4 Remove the bottom plate


Step 2 Remove the Hotplate
2.1 Unscrew the screw of wire groups
2.2 Bend & unlock the spring latch
2.3 Unscrew the surrounding screws
2.4 Remove the hotplate


Step 3 Tear down the inner parts
2.1 Push the plates together to unlock the hotplate.
2.2 Find the spring inside the hotplate
2.3 Find & unlock the heating piece
2.4 Cut the wire groups
2.5 Drag out the panel
2.6 Unscrew the panel


Reassembly & Conclusion
What makes me really surprised is its working style. The rice cooker uses its wonderful structure to achieve the cooking and keeping warm function. The most interesting thing is the spring inside the hotplate. I reassemble some parts of the rice cooker and realize the fact that, the spring is compressed in the cooking mode to let the inner pot keep close to the heating body, while it extends in the keep warm so that the inner pot can keep away from the heating body. And it is really excited to find out how it works with the cook switch on the panel. I realize that some ingenious designs are very simple but really useful!