Mattel Gas Out Teardown


I deconstructed Mattel’s Gas Out, which is a toy that makes farting sound when pressed(It even has two different kinds of farting sound). This toy was designed for a card game, which was also designed by Mattel. I chose to deconstruct this product because of its small size( I was curious how all the features were included in this small product) and the sound making feature. For clarification, I will call the whole product as ‘body part’ and the top part of the product as ‘head part’.

Tool I used to tear it down: Screw driver

Step 1. Unscrew the screws

-Take the batteries out (Batteries were not able to be removed by hands)

-Open the body


Step 2. Pull the back of the head out and open it

Step 3. Pull the buttons out

Dismantled parts

-sound buttons, speaker, speaker wire(blue), DHW 40 chipboard, 2 AA batteries, springs, screws, on/off buttons

Interesting Findings

  1. It was interesting to see all the features(on/off button, speaker, sound buttons) are all connected to one small chipboard.
  2. The space of the product was very efficiently used. The product had its speaker inside the head part since the head was narrow and had its chipboard inside the body part since the body had wider space.
  3. By analyzing the inner part of the product, I learned how button is made and how to make a product bounce.
  4. VCC and GND were glued to the chipboard and was connected to the battery compartment. Except for that, other parts were jointed by screws.