Gameboy Teardown

I teared down a Gameboy I used before. It have hundreds of games inside and several buttons to control it. It can connect with TV to play games on the TV.

Here are the photos of this Gameboy.



Disassembly process

Step 1. I used the screwdriver to unscrew the screws on all sides that holds the back of Gameboy. And it showed circuit board inside.


Step 2. Then I used the screwdriver again to unscrew the screw which in the middle of circuit board for fixation.

Also there are four plastic stick to support the circuit board.


Step 3. After that, Gently open the circuit board. Inside the Gameboy is look like this:


Step 4. I took all the parts out around the button.

There is a layer of rubber gasket under the buttons which connect it to the circuitboard.


Then all the parts Disassembled.



The material and manufacturing techniques/equipment of the parts

Front Panel: ABS Plastic, Injection moulded;

Back Panel: ABS Plastic, Injection moulded;

Battery Panel: ABS Plastic, Injection moulded;

Circuit Board: glass-fiber reinforced and copper foil;

6 Buttons: ABS Plastic, Injection moulded;

Rubber gasket: Conductive rubber.


Tools Used

Screw drivers, Knife.


My findings

The first thing that I interested in is the rubber gasket. When I took out of circuit board, I was so curious about the part of button, because under the button there is a layer of rubber gasket. I haven’t seen this before and it felt differently when I first touch it. And after some research about it, I came to know how the button works.

Another thing is about the sound speak. There is a volume controller we can choose the suitable volume for ourselves, and the volume controller and speaker are separated to two parts. Even though I have broken it up, I just don’t know how it works so I am quite curious about it.IMG_7830

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