Berri, the Happy-glow-lucky turtle


This is Berri. She likes berries, taking naps, and making new friends. Berri’s a little special in that her shell glows. For anyone feeling a bit sad or blue, Berri’s there to light up your day. She’s a pretty mean cuddler too! Also, if you need a little help getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Berri’s happy to light the way!


Berri came from the idea of a cute night light that could also be little friend for kids who are scared of the dark or adults struggling with anxiety. The playful fruit patterns and fuzzy fabric serve to lighten the atmosphere and make the dark (be it physical or mental) less threatening.


Initial concept sketch of Berri with the glowing shell.

Circuit diagram IMG_6037








Above are the circuit diagrams and resistor calculations for the LED circuit inside the plush, and the sewing pattern (minus an additional rectangle). The pattern making was challenging (sorry it’s a bit crinkly in the photo). I learned more about construction and assembly order through some trial and error sewing.

Process photos of circuitry and sewing:

IMG_5989       IMG_5992

Sewing the shell.

IMG_6005       IMG_6009

Adding resistors and building the circuit.


It lives!


Testing the light diffusion with poly-fill.

IMG_6018       IMG_6021

Sewing the fuzzy body and putting it all together. Clearly it’s been a long time since I’ve sewn T^T

And voila!