Blushing Gudetama—Work in Progress

Due to a personal emergency, my Blushing Gudetama plush toy is still a work in progress. I still need to finish the sewing portion of my plush toy and get the face embroidered but I really wanted to share my process with everyone. For the final project, please check back on the blog later tonight or early tomorrow morning for the finished product!

Lighting components
Diffusion method
I initially tried to connect the LEDs together by using 1 resistor and using one LED as the Input (positive side) and the other LED as the ground. It did NOT work
Now I added a resistor to each LED and wired them together. It worked! Excuse the soldering, I will be revising it to make the soldering connection stronger
Swanky Jaiks-Trug
Circuit diagram
It works! These lights will give Gudetama the blush effect.
IMG_6739 2
The egg!
Polyester furry fabric I’m using for the toy