Delicious Nightlight!



Hello, for our nightlight assignment, I made a donut nightlight! This is for the children who are scared of darkness. Children can use it whenever they have to move in the dark (going to restroom, etc) I chose the object that most children like to make them relate darkness to more positive feeling(sweet taste of donut).

The donut shape makes it easy for children to store the product. Children can hang it anywhere thanks to its hole. They can also carry it by their fingers and play with it by rotating it.

At first, I wanted to hang the donut on wrist, but in order to achieve that, size had to be too big. So I decided to make the real size donut.


Sewing the donut wasn’t the hard part. I bought thin fabrics for the led lights to be seen and attached the frosting and the donut.


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 8.39.12 PM

I used tinkercad to figure out the circuit for my product. It was fun and also useful when finding the right resistor to use. In the tinkercad I used 3V battery but later I changed to 3XAAA battery. I used 4.5V battery and 100Ω resistor for this product. I decided to connect my leds in parallel because in that way, I can make sure other leds light up even one led has a problem.


The hard part was soldering and distributing the light. It was hard for me to solder three lines together since it kept falling off as I tried to solder the last one. Distributing the leds inside the donut was really hard. The donut was so small so it was hard to put 3 leds and all the lines inside.

I noticed that the donut has too many wrinkles on it after putting stuffings in it, so I had to detach it and made sprinkles instead.

There are several things I want to improve about this donut. If I have a chance, I would like to make it much bigger so that I can experiment more about distributing the leds and also want to use a little bit thicker fabric so that it has less wrinkles.


Finally, this is the picture of my happiest moment!