Moody Raindrop

Sometimes it feels good to be a little blue when it’s raining. Sometimes you want to feel blue, but there just isn’t any real rain in sight. The Moody Raindrop provides you with the ability to get a little emotional any time you wish.

The white felt plushy resembles a single drop of rain that reveals its melancholy mood when inner-lit with blue light.


Concept Sketch

Drop Sketch.jpg


Prepping the workspace



Layout and cutting the pattern


I ended up stitching by hand. Thought I could use the experience/training of stitching by hand.. Hindsight says I should have used the machines for better cleaner edges.


(not pictured : gluing the blue felt eyes and quivering mouth to the inside of the felt before turning inside out.)



The LED cluster was essentially the same as last week with the blue LEDs glued into the styrofoam spheres, but I added a 5th light and heat-shrined+hot-glued the cluster of 5 lights together for a more even dispersal inside the final model.


Plush wiring diagram.png


The sewn felt skin and the electronics cluster come together with a hint of fiberfill to fill out the edges of the plush and to help diffuse the light another level.

The diffusion ended up OK, but not amazing. Still have hot spots in the center and a little dark around the edges. That said, my intended reveal of the eyes and mouth work like a charm.

Off – under light


ON-under light


ON – under little ambient light