Plush night brain

My plush is a brain! This brain lamp is for anyone who likes to use their brain, but also for those who want to take a break and keep calm. The switch allows you to turn on and off the light. It diffuses the light to help you relax or keel calm, carry on thinking about your next big idea! You can also pat it like your teddy bear when you need a break from thinking too much.

If your brain is constantly thinking, it is a reminder to stop working on your brain muscle but move your body muscle. Also, it is a reminder to think smart whenever you are working at your desk. It can be either put on your desk, your coffee table or hang from your ceiling of your front door.




I failed a lot in soldering but I learned so much about the best practices. I’m still learning about the circuit diagram and working with the resistors to make the light brighter. It also turned out blue or yellow LEDs are better than the white ones, which I thought would be good. Failing served good for me to learn!

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