Slimie: The Wrist Saver

This is slimie.

Slimie is designed to help mouse users to protect their wrists, especially those who spends hours with their computers everyday. The read ambient light is either the eyes of slimie and a reminder of potential harm to the wrist, help users develop a habit of relaxing their wrists regularly.

It is inspired by “slime” originally introduced in famous video game title Dragon Quest, like this:

Well, slimie certainly does not look like a slime, for some reasons. It is my first time to sew something designed by myself, so I really made a mess of it. And probably I should use more pieces while currently it looks more like a rectangular thing than a water drop. Here is how it was made:

Two LED are welded together with a battery pack of 4.5V (3 AA batteries). I chose 100 ohm  resistors.

Then cut out four pieces of fabric.

Because I should make it a little bit flat, so the shape would be a bit wider.

Also to make it more strengthened, it should be cut out in a 45 degree angle.

And finish.

Author: Hui Zheng

From China. Product designer.