Wk 5 HW

This week saw the rise of Inspector Gadget and the re-emergence of Lite Brite. (90s childhood anyone?)

A.k.a I made a motor spin and a Neopixel strip light up with Arduino.  😀

Initially had some issues with getting the motor to spin when I used a 1K ohm resistor. After some troubleshooting and help from Chester at the VFL, switched to 100 ohm resistor and everything was hunky-dory.

I’m now low-key obsessed with soldering, so had fun putting more stuff together with hot metal and wires.

Neopixel coding is still pretty mysterious to me, but the rainbow lights are worth the struggle. I understand how to change colors and pulse times (I think). Functions and come of the color loops were hard to understand, so I’d like to review that in class if we have time.

Looking forward to the next lesson!


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