Halloween Brainstorming


I have three different ideas for my costume.

first one is the witch costume. I think I might need to buy the dress and attach the puffy sleeves to it. My idea is to put blue(cold) lights inside the sleeves as well as on the rim of the hat in a way that it lights up my face. Here is the sketch:


I probably need to attach wire to the sleeves to make them look that way. The circuit will be pretty simple, I am trying to figure out a way to make it more interactive.

My next idea is to make a cupcake costume. It will be basically dress with a lot of puffy fabric( I thought about organza). The sprinkles are going to be the part that lights up and blinks. I would need a capsule shaped object to hold the LED inside. Here is my sketch:


My last idea and the most favorite one is costume that looks like a uterus. Here is the sketch:


I thought I can make it interactive by adding a touch sensor to it. when you touch it, a light pops up that says no uterus, no opinion( I know, a bit weird and excessive!:)) If the touch sensor makes it too complicated, I also thought of having string lights inside the tube that would constantly change color.

For tomorrow, I am hopping to make sure which direction I am going to, make the code work, possibly do the soldering or make my patterns for sewing. I postponed buying most of my material to when I picked my project.

One thought on “Halloween Brainstorming”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Pantea! I’m not sure I get the slogan you propose for your uterus costume– are you saying men (and women with hysterectomies) should not have opinions about women’s health? I feel like “keep your government out of my uterus” or “my uterus, my choice” might be closer to what you are going for…

    For the witch costume, you could put a button in the cuff of the sleeve that allows you to trigger some LED animation modes, perhaps. https://www.adafruit.com/product/1092 or use a vibration switch to trigger something to happen when you swing your arm around: https://www.adafruit.com/product/2384

    The cupcake looks fun for a parade, since you don’t have to worry about sitting down. Plus room to store your project battery! Either of your last two ideas could be built on an inexpensive backpack as the base, which would help support the weight of the rest of the costume in a comfortable way.

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