Halloween Costume Sketch

Here are my three sketches of Halloween Costume this week.


My first idea is a hat. It contains 4 RGB LEDs. 4 LEDs changes color, on and off when wearing it. Component: Neopixel, 4 RGB LEDs, Coin battery.

I was trying to figure out the circuit but not sure how to connect the LED and the Neopixel board.


The second sketch is Eyeball headband. I gonna use two Ping-Pong balls and contains LED inside. When someone comes close, the LEDs in Ping-Pong balls will on. Component: 2 Red LED, 2 x 1 kΩ Resistor, PIR sensors, 4.5V Battery, 2 Pingpang balls.


The third sketch is a Deep Sea Angler (Lantern Fish) Mask. It kind like a mask. Because there is a light hang in front of the face of Lantern fish, I am trying to put a Green LED into a Ping-Pong ball as the front light. Like the second sketch, when someone comes close, the LED will on and you can all the face of the fish. Component: PIR sensors, 1 Green LED, 4.5V Battery, 1 kΩ Resistor.

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