Fiber Optic Wing Progress

Current wing state of affairs:

A. Wire structure for wings almost complete

IMG_6230.jpg     IMG_6232.jpg

B. Circuit laid out in TinkerCad (replace Arduino board with Flora micro-controller in real life) and started playing with coding a little bit. Contemplated doing the wings with one LED strip, but decided to have the animations and color changes symmetrical on the wings, so I broke it into 2 strips. Also mapped out what LEDs and fiber optic cables will be assigned to which wing parts.


Halloween Wings Circuit.png

C. Most of my supplies have come in, but I’m still waiting on a few.

Project to do list:

  1. Finish wire frame for wings.
  2. Attach tights to wings.
  3. Build circuit with LEDs.
  4. Build code for wing animations.
  5. Create couplings for fiber optic cables to LEDs.
    • Likely
  6. Create housing for circuits and cable couplings.
  7. Create pouch to hold battery pack and circuit housing attached to wings.
  8. Lay out Fiber optic cable pattern and sew onto wings.
  9. Make method of attachment for wings to body:
    • Either elastic straps over shoulders or a piece to insert into a corset like in the tutorial referenced in my brainstorming post.


Excited to see how this turns out!


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