Halloween Costume by Group HeyHeyHey

The members of group Hey Hey Hey are: Sherry, Leng and Annapenguin

Above showcase our final concept for our costume. It is a penguin floating on a cloud. The concept was inspired by our combined admiration for penguins and the addition for the cloud is for the penguin to float around trying to find a new home because his home back in the Antartica is slowly melting away.

Here is our making process.

资源 2.png

Week one: we figured out the pattern of the hood and made the prototype of it, and started coding and sawing at the same time.


Week 2: We continued sewing and soldering from last week. We also made the “cloud” by stuffing and placed the circuit inside it. Then we connected the hood and the cloud, which was quite hard because the circuit needs to go through both the hood and the cloud and stay still on its proposed position, and we also need to find ways to hide the Arduino board and the wires. At last, we filled the hood with stuffing and finished all the connection and details.



Feeling from Leng:

I feel very excited to interact with the audience and see others taking pictures with us. And as an international student, I feel the enthusiasm of local people. Although it is a little hot to wear, I am very happy to experience different cultures.

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