LED Vest in action.

Here is the starting sketch of the concept.


It quickly evolved into a vest format to ease up the complication of trying to fit everything in the suspender format.

I went a little overboard on the construction process by making a silicone sleeved , heat-shrink sealed, 10 LED unit that joined together with a connector. While this left me with a lot of versatility, it took way to long to construct.

You can see the overly involved construction process in these videos.

The final assembly ended up super durable, as it traveled well to Vegas stuffed in a carry-on (the TSA was very curious about it),  was stepped on, and had beer spilled on it during a concert.

The original intent of making it sample colors and add this into the animations was scrapped, as I was having some difficulty in figuring out how to integrate a sampled color into the LED animations that I was using within the time constraints I had. This is definitely something I am interested in figuring out in the future.

The final direction I went in was a series of animations that drove through 4 sets of parallel neopixel strips, with a push button cycling through the different animations.

The biggest leaning I found from the field was the brightness. It was WAY too bright to use during a concert. This was adjusted down to 40% following night one, but found that was still not enough. I made a scrambled attempt to integrate a potentiometer into the circuit to control the brightness, but may have been too intoxicated to pull this off.