Week 10: Blinking Buttons and Final Project Idea


Idea 1:

Water Tracker

A pad that you can place your glass on to keep track of the amount of water you drink each day. There is an app integrated with the pad to see more detailed analytics.

Idea 2:

Signal Headphone

A headset that projects a light that have certain messages to signal the person that you may or may not be available to talk to.

Idea 3:

Progress Bar

An ambient light bar that has a gradient coloration to track how far along you are in your task. An app is used to set the task time and colour configurations.

Blinking Light

This week task was to blinking onboard LED.

One thought on “Week 10: Blinking Buttons and Final Project Idea”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Anna! I think your second idea is likely the winner here. It functions along with the headphones to signal when you are open to interruption or not, helping amplify or counteract the signal the headphones give on their own. You could potentially have it reflect your Slack chat status, for instance, or adjust the color on the device itself (as a feature fall-back option). Or go bluetooth: https://learn.adafruit.com/bluetooth-controlled-neopixel-headphones

    Before there were NeoPixel rings, I made this headphones project: https://learn.adafruit.com/glowing-skullcandy-headphones-mod

    Your first and third ideas are nice, but theoretically replaceable with an app alone (self-reporting how much water you drank is the current status-quo). Tracking water intake is an interesting problem, but would probably be better suited as a water bottle itself, rather than a pad you set your glass on. But overall the idea of on-device beverage monitoring reminds me hauntingly of this over-designed monstrosity: https://qz.com/554239/crowdfundings-latest-dud-the-smart-cup-that-knows-what-youre-drinking/

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