Final Project Proposals

First Proposal: ColorTalk earphones or earphone attachments


This would actually be a continuation of a project from another class. I’ve made one rough physical prototype already (pictured above) The earphones allow users to communicate via a color and light language. For example, 2 quick blinks of pink equates to a flirty wink.

Ideally, I’d like for either the headphones (or attachment if it’s not built into the headphones) to be bluetooth enabled and connected to an app so the LED color and animations could be changed. It would not involve the production of sound, only perhaps the building of a circuit with speakers if I made the whole thing from scratch. I’d like to play with 3D printing the headphone forms.

I’m not sure if this is too ambitious for my current skill level with the amount of time we have left in the class. However, I’m interested in making a more viable prototype for this project, so thought this might be a good opportunity.

2nd Proposal: Updated Pomodoro Timer


The timer I currently use for the Pomodoro time management method is neither bright nor obnoxious enough to get my attention when I need to stop working. I’d like a timer that lights up, vibrates, and makes noise. And maybe even walks off…..

3rd proposal: Curtain Timer

I have blackout curtains in my bedroom. They’re great for keeping out the bright lights of the city at night. However, come morning, it’s harder for me to wake up because my body still thinks it’s dark outside. I’d like to develop some sort of pulley system that I can program to open and close my blinds at certain times of the day. Not sure how to make it aesthetically pleasing though. Maybe I can go a bit steampunk with gears.




One thought on “Final Project Proposals”

  1. Great brainstorm, Cat! You can totally extend your headphone project for our class. Here’s an easy-to-use bluetooth microcontroller: and here are some similar project tutorials I’ve made:
    Looks like you already have some pixels in there, but in case you haven’t seen these:

    Pomodoro timer is a classic idea. The Arduino’s not very good at keeping time accurately on its own, so a realtime clock module would be required:
    You could turn your small DC motor into a vibrating motor by attaching an eccentric mass to the shaft.

    Your blinds idea is useful but does already exist and I don’t see it affording you too much creative exploration. Suggest picking one of the other two.

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