Project brainstorm and blinking light.

Hi Guys!

Apologies for the late blog entry.

Below are my three proposals for my ioT/smart object project.


Below is evidence that my Arduino HUZZAH is speaking with the internet although when I tried to add my own website… I can’t tell if it actually worked…? I was concerned by the wording “connection failed. TBD I suppose.

IMG_0658 from Stephanie Gamble on Vimeo.


IMG_0655 from Stephanie Gamble on Vimeo.



One thought on “Project brainstorm and blinking light.”

  1. Great brainstorm, Stephanie! Your second and third sketches remind me of the functionality of this project: (the abstract code for which is covered in IoT class lesson 6), but with a motion/touch sensor as the input. All your ideas are feasible for the scope of the project and could be based on sample code we’ve been building on in class. For a motion sensor that knows when there’s motion in a room, try the PIR motion sensor: (I’m pretty sure they also have them on amazon and at Tinkersphere). For touch sensing, try something like this: with either the contact pad or some copper tape extending to just under the surface of the object.

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