IoT Homework

Hi everyone!

Sorry for my mega late post update. This is my homework from last week as I’m still going through the new lessons.



Also, Here are my brainstorm. I am already having ideas about circuit and material proposals but going to work more intensively once I make sure about the project.

First one is a system that enables my grandmother to communicate with us, her grandchildren, from all over the world. She’s in her 80’s and have no idea how cellphone works and she always has to wait for us to call her. So, if there was a button right next to our picture that she could press when she misses one us, we will get a text or an email and call her. This is by far my favorite idea.


My second idea is about Pomodoro Method. I often put a timer on and try to focus on work but I get distracted and leave my desk, and usually remember it when the timer goes off. So, I want to design a timer that lights up to remind me that I’m supposed to work. Also, it has a motion sensor. So, when I leave, it sends me a message to remind me I should get back to my desk.


My third idea helps me to monitor how many cigarets I smoke and help me to reduce it. The box that contains cigarets will have a lock and every time I want to open it, it sends an email encouraging me not to smoke. Also, the lock won’t open until the 20th try.


I’m looking forward to know your opinion:)

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  1. Nice brainstorm, Pantea! I think your first idea is the most approachable, and easiest to define success. For grandma, you’ll have to keep the following in mind:

    -It should probably plug into the wall for power so she doesn’t have to remember to charge any batteries
    -Does she have wifi? You’ll have to make sure the device can get online reliably. Might be worth making the wifi configurable by your cousin, here is a tutorial:

    What feedback does she get that the email has been sent? Is there a way for you to indicate you received the message and will call when you can? Interested to see what this interface looks like. Here are a bunch of switches:
    and switches:

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