Hello! Here is my homework for this week:

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


Lesson 6

For the final project ideas, thank you so much Becky for your feedbacks!! They are really helpful!! I have thought about some steps to make it and I am sorry that I have some further questions about the first and the second ideas:

For the first idea, I would love to choose the addressable strip for the material of the light, and for the else part of the product, I am wondering if I could use some 3D printing because it is really hard for hand-making.

For the second idea, personally I like it very much and this week homework helps me a lot about how to make it. For the physical part, I want to use different kinds of felts and learn about the patterns to sew them. If the first idea is hard to actualize I will choose this one to continue with.

Thank you so much 🙂