Wk 11 HW & BoM for final

I finished Lesson 4 and the first half of Lesson 5 in class, so I don’t have photos or video of that.

I’ve decided to continue working on my bluetooth headphones for the final project. Proposed BoM for the headphones:

  • Microcontroller options:
  • 2 mini addressable RGB LED
  • Lithium battery 150 mAh, 3.7V and charger
  • Translucent ABS plastic (?) composite to 3D print the cover piece for the headphones
  • Plastic housing/neckpiece for the microcontroller (Not sure if I should purchase or try to 3D print it)
  • Cheap flat back BLE earbuds to attach LED and cover piece to
  • silicone covered stranded core wire – 30 AWG
  • White heat shrink tubing
  • soldering supplies
  • Glue to attach LEDs to earbuds. I think something like E6000 would work.

I was hoping to make the headphones wireless overall, like the Bluetooth headphones that hang around your neck. The microcontroller would be on the back of your neck like a necklace.

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