Final project progress (Pomodoro Lamp)


I started drafting instructible instruction.

Here’s the starting paragraph about my project.

Pomodoro Lamp uses movement and light of a light bulb to increase your productivity. When you start a task, the light bulb rises up as the light turns on for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, the light bulb falls back down and turns itself off for 20 minutes. The lamp repeats this on and off process until after the task is completed. You can also track how many 40-minute sessions it took to complete the task.


Step1  – Parts, Tools, Supplies

Step 2 – Circuit Diagram and codes


I was able to get the micro servo motor (where the light bulb would go) to go one way for 40 mins and then the other way for 20 mins to display the Pomodoro effect.

Step 3 would be about construction. I am working on connecting the shaft to the servo motor and I would include the process in this step. Moreover, I would include the CNC cut file and any adjustments I would make to keep the circuits in place.

Step 4 would include using Power Relay to turn the light on and off along with connecting with IoT for task tracking. For the IoT, I would like to create a work flow like this:

  1. Google Calendar Applet ‘If any new event added on Homework, then send data to create a task feed’.
  2. This turns on the light and raises the bulb.
  3. When you complete the event or task, turn off the light.

I am still exploring different applets to get this to work smoothly, as I found out that there are no such applets that end an event. So I am planning to look into ios reminders applet.


The following are the next obstacles that  I need to tackle:

1) Attaching the shaft to the motor

2) Making the power relay to work with IoT integration



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