Flowed Light

Hello Everyone! This is my project Flowed Light.

The Flowed Light is an hourglass light which can go off gradually.

When you turn it upside down, it will light up in rainbow color. And when you turn it back, it will all change to white and go off gradually from the top to the bottom.

It can be used as a Pomodoro light and a night light suited for people who don’t like to sleep in a dark environment.




  • Glass bottle
  • Hourglass (3D printing)
  • Addressable LED strip (RGBW)
  • Tilt switch
  • HUZZAH & Circuits



  • Purchase materials
  • 3D model the hourglass according to the glass bottle’s size
  • 3D print the hourglass (print-bath-clean)
  • Learn and finish the coding
  • put the circuit into the hourglass
  • stick the LED strip onto the surface of the hourglass
  • HUZZAH & Circuits



  • Small space!!!!!!
  • 3D printing (size & structure)
  • How to make it portable
  • How to hide the circuit
  • How to stick the LED strip onto the surface of the hourglass
  • How to put the hourglass with LED strip into the bottle

I learned a lot from both the formation and coding from this project. I met a lot of difficulties on the challenges above, especially the small spacing of the product makes everything harder. And thank Becky, Oya and Helen for help! 🙂

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