Virginia’s Iphone Teardown

iPhone teardown

Step 1: Open phone

Open the phone by removing the screws by the charging port.

This phone was not in the best shape so one of the screws was tightly wedged in. I had to pry off the screen to reach the innards of the phone.

Step 2: Remove Divider

Next I had to remove the metal divider including the home button and interior frame. This divider separated the screen from the motherboard and battery. A few screws were needed to be removed in order to pry this part out.

This revealed the covered motherboard and lithium battery.

Step 3: Dissemble Internal Parts

There were around 10 screws to remove in order to take out the motherboard.

Lightning connectors and headphone jack connectors were removed.

Motherboard covers were removed.

Camera was removed.

Step 4: Remove Motherboard

The image below showcases the front part of the motherboard. To the right, the back cover has been removed.

Below is an image of the motherboard after the back plate has been removed.

Step 5: Remove Speaker and Charger Port

In the image below I am unscrewing the port for charging.

In the image below I am holding the loud speaker.

Step 6: Remove the Vibration Motor and Headphone

Final Layout of iPhone.

Design Element of Interest

The motherboard of the iphone looks as though you are looking down on a tiny futuristic city. Each piece is perfectly laid out in uniform rows, glistening and reflective. These small features are protected by a thin sheet of metal. I found it interesting looking at where the holes on the metal strip corresponded with the parts on the motherboard. After a little research, these are used to allow heat to escape from the motherboard when in use.