RC Reventon Teardown

Part Listing

  • Car Top Shell (plastic; outer shell resembling the real Reventon)
  • Car Bottom Shell (plastic; underbody of the outer shell)
  • Front Wheels (plastic; free-standing, not attached to the outer body)
  • Motored Rear Wheels (plastic; attached to the outer body, sealed in an enclosure that cannot be opened)
  • Rear Wheel Gearbox (plastic and weird lubricant; resting above the rear wheels, filled with a white grease that seems to keep the gears lubricated so that the rear wheels can turn)
  • Power Box (plastic; mounted right under the battery slot in a white, slightly greasy box)
  • Chip JG 2701BR-0402 (metal and plastic; no information found, seems to be the motherboard of the entire car’s internal controls as every part of the car is wired to this main chip)
  • Conductive Metal (aluminum; located on the inside of the top shell, seems to conduct electricity from the batteries to the front wheels)
  • Wires (copper and rubber; red, white, blue, black, yellow covered wires used to transmit electrical signals to all parts of the vehicle)

interesting design elements

The first design element inside the remote control Reventon is an oiled, motored “gear box” of sorts that sits above the rear wheels and seems to assist with the power output that makes the car move. I had previously not thought about how exactly the inside of a remote control car works, but it seems to be quite similar to the inside of a real car. It is interesting to note that the remote control Reventon is rear wheel drive, just like it’s hypercar older sister.

Additionally, I noticed that there is a separate white box that sits right under the battery slot and is connected by wires to the aforementioned gear box. It seems that these two boxes work together to make the car move forward, the first white box serving as the source of movement for the rear wheels and this second white box taking electrical charge from the batteries and delivering it to the rear wheel white box. While the first is the analogous to the gear box on a life size car, the second is akin to the gas tank.