Children telephone toy teardown

Before teardown: this product is a children toy which can make different voices and lights when you press different buttons.
All components of the toy teardown


  • 1 : cover (top part of toy)_____plastic
  • 2 : button (4 buttons can play different sound)_____plastic
  • 3 : screws (14 screws are the main compound mode of this toy)
  • 4 : button rubber
  • 5 : batteries
  • 6 : back cover____plastic
  • 7 : clips(FS-723BC-1 2011.0908 F8-728AC-1130408
  • 8 : wires
  • 9 : speaker_____plastic
  • 10:front cover___plastic

Main Tools

The main tool I used was a screw driver. I used it to remove the 14 screws and chip from the cover.

Design Element I Interest

  • The integrated circuit boards. before I saw the inside structure, I thought it is must be so complicated,and so many different integrated circuit boards control the whole product. but when I opened the inside, I just saw 2 small integrated circuit boards and less wires. I am so curious, I want to know how to control a product through the integrated circuit boards.
  • How to make your product move and change. product which can move and change some lights and voices in design is very interesting and interactive.I want to learn this part of skills and apply to my design.

Author: Mia Xu

products of design student in sva

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  1. It is interesting to see how this toy does not have very well managed wires and circuits inside, since its a toy.

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