This is a very cruel process because you need to cut off the doll’s fur and then find the internal structure.

When you remove the surface fur, you will see a sphere with a hole.

Then use a screwdriver to remove the screw that secures the ball.

The structure inside the toy is not particularly complicated, but there are many pieces of parts that are used to make the ic board and the motor and imbalanced weight securely fixed.

Design Element of Interest

GRUMBLIES is a very interesting toy. It can make it have different emotions through shake it, poke it and plip it, and it has different movements to make it jump, so I am very curious about the internal structure, especially The part of it that jumps.

When I opened the first layer of the fur of the toy, I found that the inner layer of the shell has a lot of holes, which is also convenient for the sound system inside to better transmit the sound to the outside, and in the protective shell Inside is the core part of it.

This internal structure is not particularly complicated, and its chip is relatively simple, but it has many protective shells around the chip and the speaker, which can effectively fix and protect the position of the chip from moving easily. And it also has a physical device that rotates a part to rotate quickly, and this part is heavy, so that GRUMBLIES can be transmitted by the chip to move the doll when it touches a certain part.It’s very interesting to design a very cute doll with a combination of a small chip and a physical device.

3 thoughts on “GRUMBLIES TEARDOWN”

  1. I am really interested in a cute toy teardown. Am wondering where is all the memory of the sounds stored in this toy. And I really like the small grumblie attacking the camera at 0:37 sec in the video.

  2. This toy seems really interestig and complicated and I wander how it looks like with its functions. Maybe you should take a short video before the teardown and that will be perfect!

  3. It’s nice to look at the inside of this cute toy. I never thought these kind of toy which has a lot of complex part to control them. Really interesting!

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