RC Rally Car Teardown

Original RC Rally car

Tearing Down Process

After opening the top shell, a circuit board which connected to different wires appeared. The wires were connecting to another place which was interesting and was very excited to explore.

Then I discovered that the wires were connecting to two motors. The two motors were placed in the center of the back wheels.

The circuit board was also connected with two LED lights.

After tearing down the whole body of the car, this is the thing left inside. However, the black plastic part is not tearable, so I cut the wire instead.

This is the circuit board. I believe this is also the motherboard.

This is the motor and inside of the motor. It seems like theres cooper wires wrapping around the gear.

Overall layout

Materials and Tools Information

1.Outside body parts of the car: Plastic

2.Front/Back/Top Wheels: Rubber, plastic

3.Screws: steel

4.Motor: Cooper wire, steel, nickel (RA260s-2573-38 I could’t find any information online but I believe motor is something that helping the wheels to spin)

5.Circuit board: Epoxy resin, copper foil (KB-095RX-V3 I couldn’t find any information online for this one either.)

A Screwdriver and a cutting plier were used in this process.

Design Element of Interests

The first thing I noticed is the circuit board. The board itself is flat and with very organized layout. I assume they want an organized layout because it is easier to manage and also to save more space so the board could maintain a small size. I also noticed that the soldered the wire on the board. And the solder was not perfectly done. This is the moment that I felt like a human touch in this circuit board. In the future I want to experience with soldering.

The second thing I am interested in is the color choice of the wire. I remember in action movies there’s always a scenario that one person have to cut one wire out of two to stop the bomb. They were always struggling if its the red one or the blue one. In my RC Rally car, there are three colors which are white, yellow and red. I think they made that choice as a reminder that certain color connect to certain places. If this assumption is true, does it means that the scenario in the movie was made up? They also use very bold color, and mostly primary color which I think it is easier to manage and easier for people to distinguish all different wires.