Xiaohan’s Plush Night Light Proposal


Prototype: Lighting dumpling

Circuit Diagram

Brainstorm ideas

There are a lot of people who are afraid of sleeping alone in completely dark. For example myself. The cloud light diffused a yellow light which represent the light of moon. Warm tone gives people a feeling of warm and welcoming. Therefore, this light could help people who are afraid of dark to sleep better.

If you are sharing apartment with others and go home late at night often. You should consider using this product. This is a door handle protecter which lights up in the night. In this case, when you go home you don’t have to turn on the room lights which might bothers your roommates. The door handle protecter can direct you to your home safely and quickly.

My grandmother makes some really good dumplings. I don’t usually like dumplings, but I like her dumplings. Every time when we have a reunion in our family, my grandmother would make dumplings, and I would help her around in the kitchen. And I am so proud of her dumplings. I think she makes the best dumplings in the world. It’s a symbol of my home, connection and reunion. This is a dumpling lamp for every one who thinks dumpling is important in their life.

Pattern and Materials

This is the pattern for the dumpling. It is a very simple round. I think in order to make the dumpling more realistic, the way it sews is more important. I have to make all these wrinkles on top of the dumplings to make it more real.

For the materials, the fabric of the prototype is veil. I think it is a little too thin. I am looking for a more opaque materials but something that can see through a little. For the inside materials, I plan to use cotton stuffing and different colors of fabric to achieve a more realistic look.