Yufeng’s Plush Night Light Proposal


This is the sketch of my prototype and I plan to use three colors of bulbs. Blue, yellow and orange.

Image of pattern

I chose the white fabric for testing and found it little bit narrow for sewing.

Circuit diagram

Only the orange bulb is in series cause it doesn’t need to be too bright as yellow one.


For the prototype, I learned that the fabric needs to be larger for sewing and I need to design how I can put the circuit into the narrow moon.


The main cover material – white flower pattern fabric. Smooth touch.
Material for stars – blue smooth fabric.

Other parts

1. Batteries 2. Switch 3. Bulbs 4. Eyes

Story&Target user

Once you go back home and see this bright yellow moon with hanging blue stars, you will relax and feel the cozy environment. It is not only a sign for resting but also a good company for you all night.

Imagine the bear is the moon. Then the kid could sleep even better.
Also, it can be hung in the room to create the sleep atmosphere for both kids and adults!

Author: yufengyvan

Hi I’m Yufeng or you can call me Yvan. I’m from ShenZhen which is a beautiful modern city in the south of China. My undergrads major was Urban Planning which is considering a larger scale of development and design for the certain area of city. But I’m also interested in making beautiful and functional products as well as the thinking in systematic problem. I’m looking forward to the course for learning all kinds of new making methods with all of you.