(Elebbit Monster)plush night light


This is Elebbit. Elebbit= elephant +rabbit

Why i designed a monster, because I think everyone have a monster living in their body. This monster have different shape, maybe looks like a animal ,maybe looks like a product. but it is you.

And nowadays people have high pressure. How to make them feeling their pressure (their inside monster) is my main topic.

In my design, when the doll feels people have high pressure or have some unnormal mood swings… or seat in office for a long time (through heart real time monitoring system———like Apple Watch\ and environment sensor system).the doll will blush( to reminder people)—it means the doll feel embarrassed and feel uncomfortable with surroundings. And people have to touch or pat the doll to make him calm down (the metaphor for reminding people Calm down.

And user can change different ear style of this doll to have fun\hang somewhere(depends on environment)

Author: Mia Xu

products of design student in sva