Gugu (Plush Night Light)


Story Behind Gugu

My grandmother makes the best dumplings in the world. Wait! You may think I am exaggerating. But not until you try them. She would make her dumpling wrapper starts from the flour. She has a special filling that has green pepper, onions, and pork in it. On every occasion, she would make dumplings for our family, and our family would come together and celebrate the occasion. Still today, every time I eat dumplings, I think about her. I had a lot of happy moments with her, but now we are separated, and I couldn’t see her that much. My memories about her are far beyond dumplings, but I think dumplings are the representation of her and her love towards us. So from now on, whenever I miss her and feel homesick, I will turn on the lights and lights shining through the dumpling will remind me of her.

Gugu is for people who miss their hometown or beloved, regardless of culture and background. It has two LEDs inside(one green and one blue). The blue LED has a cooler tone which represents the feeling of missing. The green LED represent the vegetable fillings. Due to the realistic dumpling shape of Gugu, I think the abstraction of colors would give it a more interesting twist. Gugu does not only function as a night light but also can be seen as a small toy. It is fluffy and soft for people to touch and play around. How can you resist such sensational and cute night light in the dark?


original ideas
First prototype
I changed the fabric to a softer and wool-like fabric. It is made from cotton(80% and polyester 20%)
I sewed the top of the dumplin’ first and then opened a small opening to put the filling and the circuit in.)
This is the circuit
I made it!
Final Look.

Circuit Diagram