Mr. shyvocado (Plush Night Light)

Process photos and sketches

Avocado monster, Evil pelican and lil pony were in my flush nightlight proposal list. But I chose avocado to be my nightlight!

I soldered one LED light for letting the belly (or nose) light up.

In this part, I tried to cut a little hole for making LED light goes up.

At the beginning, I planned to install the circuit board to the button. But I think this does not nice looking.

So… I changed my plan!!!

I put it on the top so that the colorful turban can cover the circuit.

And the outcome is!!!!!


Circuit diagram

The Story

Nowadays, people live under tremendous pressure, in this term, we all need some adorable emotional toy for releasing our pressure. Due to the morning, we all guard up ourselves because of the working place or the school. When we go back home at night, we become the person who we are, and it can be acceptable to have some bad things pop out of our minds. we can be imperfect at all.

I made the Mr. shyvocado which the beginning thought come from the body shape of my dad, my boyfriend, and my brother-in-law. After I made it, I thought that people can be whatever they want to be, and they should not be limited to social value. Just like shyvocado; He is a shy avocado who seems to be cute and adorable in the daylight. But at night, he becomes the person who is, as an evil avocado. But we still can accept he even he is evil avocado!