Xiaohan’s Halloween Costume Proposal-Chinese Fox Spirits


These three ideas are based on the same costume with three different lights set up. They all include a fox face mask and one or two outer jackets.

For the first one, Neo Pixel strip lights will be on the outer jacket on the collar area and the small RGB Neo Pixel will be distributed all over the front of the jackets. There will be an second layer on top to diffuse the lights.

For the second one, the mask lights only. There will be Neo Pixel distributed evenly at the top front of the mask. In that case, only one layer of jacket is needed.

For the third one, there will be two Neo Pixel strip on the collar and two on the sleeves.

For the materials of the costume, I am thinking using the paper mache for the mask and some soft and semi transparent for the jackets.



In Chinese history, people perceive Fox spirits as beautiful but sneaky. They have a bad reputation. For my halloween costume, I would like be a cool fox spirits and hopefully change the perception of fox spirit among Chinese people, or at least among our classes. At the same time, there are different fox spirits in different Asian countries too. Therefore, for the design of the jackets and masks, I would use patterns or color palette in different countries as references. Therefore, I would say this costume is more like oriental style costume.