Shuyi’s Final Halloween Scarecrow

Throughout the whole parade I finally found my Scarecrow family in the crowd!

The Details of the Headwear

The process of making the headwear


  1. A plastic crow
  2. A toy brain
  3. A headband
  4. Straws


  1. One scissor
  2. One knife
  3. Glue gun
  4. Red and black pigments
  5. Blushes
  6. Soft paper material


  1. Using a scissor or a knife to take off the eyes and legs of the crow ( no mercy!)
  2. Using a knife to cut a middle hole at crow’s belly
  3. Putting two LEDS into its eyes first,then soldering
  4. Using the headband through the crow’s belly
  5. Using glue gun to make some blood on crow’s mouth


  1. Using a scissor to cut the toy brain
  2. Painting the dark red in the gap of the brain
  3. Spreading your brain and stick your brain to the straw
  4. Using the glue gun to add some unknown special effects on the brain
  5. After the glue is dry, color the brain


  1. Cutting a shape for my own head make it be sticked with the straw
  2. Putting the LEDS into the straw hair


I thought the parade was really fun and my headwear attracted a lot of people. Doing headwear on my own is really fun. I combine the brain and crows together on the head is the suggestion which becky gave. I decided to put the crow on my head at the beginning, because a scarecrow is made of straw, they will attract a crow, but they have no life, if I cos the scarecrow, if crow once parked in my head, my brain will peck, it will be shown, so I design the headwear. In parade, I made a scarecrow makeup, a little scary makeup, so becky let me try to frighten children, successfully scared some of them that made me so have the achievement, but also there were some brave boy didn’t be scared, it made the atmosphere very embarrassed, so I just gave them high-five interaction, ease the atmosphere.

I wanted to find more scarecrows in the crowd, but I only found a very tall scarecrow and I took the chance to take a photo with him, but the other time I did not find a scarecrow. Many adults liked my headwear and took photos with me. If I could add with more LED over my head that would make me had a better headwear, but considering the cause of the battery, I used four led, but let me surprise was that until end of march it still could light, before the parade becky helped me calculated that the led may need two pieces of batteries that I could make headwear shine until end of march.

The next time I do something more scary, like a two-headed woman, to scare more kids !!!

Halloween code:

// the setup function runs once when you press reset or power the board

#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>

#define PIN 0

#define NUM_LEDS 8

#define BRIGHTNESS 50
// Parameter 1 = number of pixels in strip
// Parameter 2 = pin number (most are valid)
// Parameter 3 = pixel type flags, add together as needed:
// NEO_RGB Pixels are wired for RGB bitstream
// NEO_GRB Pixels are wired for GRB bitstream, correct if colors are swapped upon testing
// NEO_RGBW Pixels are wired for RGBW bitstream
// NEO_KHZ400 400 KHz bitstream (e.g. FLORA pixels)
// NEO_KHZ800 800 KHz bitstream (e.g. High Density LED strip), correct for neopixel stick
Adafruit_NeoPixel strip = Adafruit_NeoPixel(NUM_LEDS, PIN, NEO_GRBW + NEO_KHZ800);

void setup() {
pinMode(1, OUTPUT);
strip.begin();; // Initialize all pixels to ‘off’

void loop() {
digitalWrite(1, HIGH);
customFunction(strip.Color(255,120,0), 10);


void customFunction(uint32_t c, uint8_t wait){
for(uint16_t i=0; i < strip.numPixels(); i++) {
strip.setPixelColor(i, c);;