Regena’s Final Project Update – Money Button


The Money Button is a device designed to create a sense of joy, excitement, and bad-assness for those who are saving up toward a goal. When one would like to deposit a predetermined amount of money into the predetermined savings account, all one needs to do is press the Money button. The reward for saving up toward the goal is Cardi B’s voice chanting “money” from her hit song, “Money”. Upon hearing this, the saver should feel proud of themselves for taking another step toward their goal of being as rich and badass as Cardi.

Parts – Circuit

  • Speaker
  • Adafruit Audio FX Soundboard w/amp
  • Battery pack w/ switch
  • 3AA batteries
  • Button
  • Single stranded wire
  • IFTTT applets

Parts – Shell

  • Plastic – considering 3D printing the shell
  • 3D Printer
  • Rubber feet
  • Screws and hot glue – to hold things together as needed
  • Last Resort: use the shell of an existing Easy Button
  • Bonus Track: add NeoPixel strip to make the button light up when pressed

Circuit Diagram

2 thoughts on “Regena’s Final Project Update – Money Button”

  1. Hi Regena, very nice work in this post. Don’t forget you will also need your huzzah board to do the internet portion of the work. Your button input can be wired to both a pin on the audio board AND a pin on the huzzah board (make sure the circuit boards share power and ground) to trigger both at once, or you can connect the button only to the huzzah and write code to trigger the audio board– either way works.

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for letting me know I also need the Huzzah….. that was almost tragic! I would like to talk more about this before/after class tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it!

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