Wen & Baoqi homework week 11 & final project update


lesson 4

lesson 5 & 6

Final project

After the research, we came up with two new ideas.


Firstly, we want to design a equipment that is able to detect cat’s emotion. We got inspired by the video you showed us in class (the cat ear emotion detecting device). After talking with Karan, he suggested the sensor used in the video a pulse sensor which is able to detect user’s pulse by attaching a sticker-like device on user’s head.  Therefore, what we wanna do is to use pulse sensor to detect cat’s pulse and based on the heart rate (higher heart rates indicate more exiting and happy emotion), cat’s emotion will be send to owner’s Apple Watch. By using this device, owners can sense the emotional change of their pet cats and empathize with their pets. Based on the research, we decided to put the sensor on the inner side of the cat’s elbow to better collect the data. We may design pet collars or accessories as our final product.

BOM: heart rate sensor / esp 8266 / fa

Heart rate sensor


The second idea is a physical device designed for Storm Chaser which can detect the wind speed and then update the data to the mobile devices. It can help users better collect the storm data and stimulate the dynamic change of the storm. Also, for storm chasers, the device is able to help them collect information of the storm that they found and record the shape of the storm. Each storm is unique, when the storm blow bunch of the devices up, the device will light up, and the color of the device will change based on the speed of the wind, which is able to visualize the speed and direction of a specific storm. When storm chasers come back, they can still check the information of the storm they found on their phones. In this way, storm chasers can build their unique collection of storms they found.

storm chaser:
A person who chases storms is known as a storm chaser, or simply a chaser. While witnessing a tornado is the single biggest objective for most chasers, many chase thunderstorms and delight in viewing cumulonimbus and related cloud structures, watching a barrage of hail and lightning, and seeing what skyscapes unfold. There are also a smaller number of storm chasers who intercept tropical cyclones and waterspouts.

Before the storm is coming, users can put the device in the predicted path of the storm based on their professional storm tracking device. And then, storm chasers can recycle the devices back after the storm is gone (built-in GPS). This device provides a personal immersive experience for storm chasers and protect them at the same time.


wind speed sensor

Final Idea: Public Speaking Helper

We decided to use a microphone to detect the public speaker’s volume and visualize the volume information by NeoPixel which can be served as a reminder for the speaker to use proper volume when they give speeches.

The NeoPixel will give speaker real-time feedback on their volume, and after the speech, the speaker can check their volume history on their phone which is able to help them improve for next time.

Bill List

Wifi Board



and other materials to make the shell of this device (TBD)

2 thoughts on “Wen & Baoqi homework week 11 & final project update”

  1. Hi Baoqi and Wen,

    I’m glad you are working together. I’m not glad to see two new project proposals here rather than further development of an already-endorsed idea.

    1. Pet wearables are outside the safety scope of this class– it’s unethical to leave a homemade battery-powered device attached to a cat for more than just a photoshoot. It could burn or choke the cat if something goes wrong. Additionally, most Arduino-compatible heartrate sensors are optical, meaning they use light to shine through your skin and check the reflection from your blood vessels. Cat would have to be shaved for the sensor to work. Do not build this project for my class, please.

    2. Your storm chaser idea sounds fun, but complicated and expensive to build (anenometer, gps, datalogging), and would have to be waterproof. Are either of you weather experts? Here are some parts to consider:
    I’m concerned this project won’t have much “payoff” for you in regards to the assignment, and encourage you to revisit one of your previously-proposed project ideas.

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