Zhenxuan and Bi Final Project Proposal

What is it

It’s a ripple light installation with an individual remoter to trigger.

Who we design for

We design for the couple who might living in different places or maybe they just miss each other so much that they want to communicate with each other very frequently.

They would have each have a light and the remote which could control each other’s light 

Where and when it would be used

When we don’t have something worth to discuss but we want to communicate with him/her.

When we feel sad, unpleasant but don’t know how to express it or just don’t want to share the bad experience.

When we need something instead of message or phone call to convey some feeling to him/her.

The light part would be installed on the ceiling at home. And the remote would be portable so that people could carry it or put it everywhere at home

How it works


Circuit diagram

We are still trying to figure out how to connect to SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor.

Bill of Materials 

1. APDS 9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor

2. ESP 8266 *2

3. Neo pixel strip 

4. Diffuse reflecting outsider with uneven thickness and shape

5. Suspension Rope

6. Plastic Topping for the outsider (to hold the neo pixel )

7. Soft mesh panels

8. Round plastic bottom

One thought on “Zhenxuan and Bi Final Project Proposal”

  1. Hi Zhenxuan and Bi! I’m looking forward to seeing your project take shape. I read through the gesture sensor tutorial, and have some advice:

    Your sensor connects to two data pins on your Huzzah board (not the analog input we discussed in class).

    The sensor is 3.3V and will not work with your Metro board (which is 5V). The sensor can be damaged by connecting 5V. When wiring up to your Feather Huzzah ESP8266 microcontroller, be sure to power your breadboard from the 3.3V pin, NOT the USB pin (which is 5V). Your NeoPixels will work just fine at 3V.

    the i2c pins on the feather huzzah are 5 and 4 (also labeled SCL and SDA). The INT (interrupt) pin can be connected to any digital pin, such as 12 (just not 16, apparently: https://randomnerdtutorials.com/interrupts-timers-esp8266-arduino-ide-nodemcu/).

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