Karan’s final – Tattlebrush

The Tattlebrush is an Internet of Things, manual toothbrush that helps you form the habit of brushing twice everyday. It does this by Tattling(exposing your little secret) your inability to brush , to the internet by posting a tweet on your behalf on Twitter. This brush is designed for grown ups who find it extremely difficult to brush twice a day. It is based on the phenomena of public shame / humiliation. Most of the people will brush everyday in the morning but struggle to brush at night. They wont struggle in the morning because they are aware of the consequences if people find out. They wont think twice at night because who will know? Well, not anymore. The tattlebrush is not good at keeping secrets. A person will eventually start brushing at night as well in order to avoid consequences of being exposed.

The brush is 3D printed and contains a vibration sensor that measures the brushing action. If there isnt a brushing action in 12 hours, it will post a tweet on your behalf through IFTTT. Future versions of this will include even more tattling , exposure of this data to other platforms and an advanced brushing monitoring sensor.

Tattlebrush Instructable