Mia’s final project”sleep tight” alarm o’clock

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Sleep tight is an alarm clock to help you sleep well.

The principle is that you can set the sleep timer on the app when the time comes, the whole device will be bounce, and the lights will blink from weak to strong because of, and the red threads will also be influenced by the beating of the heart. So at that, As the sleep time is set, the heart’s lights will become brighter and more flickering. This method is used to disturb the user’s earlier sleep。

The reason why I choose the human heart is that sleep late is terrible for people’s health. If you sleep late, it also will give your heart burden, so I use the direct method to raise people’s awareness.

Another point is that your light will be still bright before you go to bed until you put your phone or electronic device on the sleep alarm clock so it will push you to sleep early and achieve your goal. (after you place your phone on the device, the light of the device will turn down)

Author: Mia Xu

products of design student in sva