Jane says hi

Greetings readers! My name is Jane and I have no formal background whatsoever in design or art. I studied German Literature and Culture for my Bachelors. My professional experience includes four years of work in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, one year of translation work, project management, office and event planning experience scattered throughout.

I love to make books for my niece and nephew. I try to make engage their senses and help stimulate their imagination. I also love cooking, baking, cake decorating, mending clothes and fixing things. Kundalini Yoga is on my list of new hobbies, as well as sketching cartoons on cards for the kids and writing letters to penpals around the world. I really enjoy languages, learning about dialects, cultures, geography, philosophy and the list goes on.

This class seems very exciting, as I love using my hands, but haven’t been doing it as much as an adult. I am looking forward to tinkering with electronics and especially the sewing part.

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