Zekun’s Plush Night Light Proposal


At first, I was thinking about designing a geometric-shaped paper night light, after talking with Becky, I decided to also do some exploration with fabric. So I decided to make a organic-shape night light. I didn’t  make a pattern first, because I want to have the freedom to explore with it’s shape, and randomly sawing fabric together to give it volume. After making a prototype, I find out it is very hard for beginners to make one elegant organic-shape with fabric and it is even harder to recreate it. This prototype failed because it can not deliver the shape I want to make and because the way it was sawed, it didn’t look very finished. So I switched to this two ideas. I decided to used the crystal-ball idea as it is more fun and it can be very interesting to see how different color lights pass through polyfill.

organic-shape night light
ideation sketch

Parts and Materials

shell- organdy


filling-cotton/ polyfill




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