Stephen’s Fly Idea

For my Halloween costume idea, I would like to do be a radioactive fly on Mike Pence’s head.  I am going to use two neopixel rings centered on the back of bug eyeglasses. I intend to use a tilt ball switch, so when I tilt my head up and down the lights sparkle on and off.  I plan on having the wires run along the inside of the glasses and down the back of the neck.  

I ordered my glasses, but they have already been delayed in shipping, so I may buy goggles instead.  I am going to need 2 neopixel rings, 2 resistors, wire, 1 tilt ball switch, hot glue, and black tape.

I am open to reconsidering the interaction and the switch decision.  I am also open to exploring the idea of antennas.  I am not exactly sure that is what I want, but it might need it to look more believable.

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