In Progress: Halloween Costume – Margarita

My costume is the embellished sunglasses which are oversized and fun. The costume is meant to be silly.

I started working on my circuit this week not realizing that I connected a lot of wires that don’t make sense to be used together like the GEMMA and the uno. After dismantling the work and going back to the basics, I realized that I bought the GEMMA with the microusb and I don’t currently have the wiring to connect the microusb to my computer so I am transitioning to connecting my wires to the uno and breadboard. I also worked on adding the beads to my sunglasses which I did do and added the strings on the sides based on Isabell’s suggestion.

Tinkercad Circuit: Tinkercad Circuit Link

Tinkercad circuit link:

Supplies List: Two neopixel rings – 12, two neopixel jewels, Arduino Uno, Breadboard, Tilt Ball Switch, necklace beads, oversized glasses, wires, black duct tape, epoxy, hot glue gun / hot glue (for diffusion), aluminum wire to hold the beads together more.

To Do: I need to continue makings sure all of my lights light up and working on the code for the project.